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Counseling for Co-Workers – Therapy for business relationships – Relationships within a business have a direct affect on productivity and business culture and energy. By offering Counseling for Co-Workers, we will help your management and / or team members understand the root of the tension, make changes, achieve buy-in and set mutual goals for relationship improvement and ultimately increased productivity and efficiency. We will also help alleviate potential legal threats by addressing employee concerns and addressing the need for change in particular behaviors in management. 

Family Businesses –
There are unique challenges with a family business. The notions and expectations for fairness and the various perceptions of other members roles can get in the way of the business operation. At Resolutions, we meet with each family member to understand all concerns. Then we brainstorm as a unit in a solution focused environment to help establish new communication styles and processes. We also are sensitive to preserving the valuable personal family relationships.

Business Success
– Small business consulting at Resolutions includes developing a marketing and business plan, a goals and objectives timeline and gathering input from a network of business consultants that have specific experience in achieving the scope and style of business that you are pursuing. Targets will be set, monitored and analyzed until they are achieved. Even your individual therapeutic issues, such as depression and anxiety can be standing in the way of your overall business success


Event Planning - With 25 years of event marketing and planning experience, working for companies such as Aspect, Agile, Accuate, Ariba, invivodata, Documentum, ERT, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Directworks, ERT, Novartis, Abbott and many many more,  Becky Johnston continues to provide event planning and marketing services. Her specialty are high touch customer events; incentive travel and user conferences. She continues to be drawn to this fun, creative and innovative specialty.


Attention Employers!

If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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13 Roadblocks to Relationship Happiness: 7. The Kardashian Affect: Missing the supportive, I'm on your side gene. Teach this as the most important aspect of the job over parenting, providing, cleaning etc. We marry to have support through life and to tackle the world and the hardship together. We must support. If we are not supportive, we are not doing our job as husband or wife. Don't tell your wife why her boss is hard on her (unless she asks), empathize with the difficult situation she is in. There is a Kardashian creation and that is the idea of a relationship is about what I can get instead of sacrifice and giving.


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