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Intensive Couples Counseling

Intensive Couples Therapy
“Save the Relationship or Part Peacefully”

This productive and results-oriented program consists of three 3 hour sessions that take place in over the span of one month. A specific agenda is followed with in session exercises and follow up session summaries, homework, observations and recommendations.

Session topics include History; Strengths; Commitment; Communication; Compatibility; Damage; Forgiveness; Nurturing and Strength; Budgeting and Finances; Sexual Intimacy and Fulfillment; Relationship Goals and Objectives.

This program is designed to help couples make a decision about their relationship. Either to be fully committed and continue forward with new tools and a clear understanding of what needs to be accepted and what needs to change to be successful. Or, to decide to part peacefully with understanding, respect and love.

The first session will be a Deep Dive into the relationship history, so that the all components and contributing factors to the current status of the relationship are completely understood. This session will also involve some discovery tools so that each partner can have a clearer understanding of who the other person is and what they are able to change and what they are not able to change. An understanding of the relationship will be outlined and the key factors that must change or be accepted for success will be clearly discussed.

In the second session, we look at those areas in the relationship that must be accepted or change for success and we determine based on who each person is, what it will take and if it is realistic. This is where we explore and come up with new goals for any troubled area including Trust, Communication, Finance and Sex. Several exercises and role plays will take place to practice new techniques for communication and decision making.

The results of the second session, whether the couple feels that the relationship is able to be salvaged or not, will determine the direction of the third session. During the third session, for a couple making a new commitment to a new beginning, it will resemble a commitment ceremony, whereby the couple will make agreements with one another and have a clear plan in place of what needs to be done for success. If the couple has decided to part, the third session will resemble a mediation session where financial, child custody and support, future interaction and expectations etc will be discussed and documented.


The cost for Intensive Couples Counseling is $950, which includes 10-12 hours of therapy and follow up analysis, including written documentation recording commitments for the future and/or mediation results for parting ways.


Former client explained:

"I felt that Becky really helped, me, and "us" to be able to talk about our problems in a productive and goal oriented way - something that we were failing to do alone. I also felt incredibly encouraged, and responded well to Becky’s style. Her compassion and objective view was always felt in her actions and words."


"Becky is masterful at getting to the root of a problem with great efficiency and providing pragmatic and effective ways to improve upon one's situation. I can't recommend her services more highly."


Attention Employers!

If you have a valuable employee that may be causing some unrest at work with anger, addiction or boundary issues, Counseling for Co-Workers can provide Corporate Conflict Resolution and Team Counseling services to help your staff move forward, make positive changes and focus on the business.

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13 Roadblocks to Relationship Happiness: 10. Who's on First?: Making one's partner #1. Doesn't mean all my time, all my money, all my love. But ultimately I will disappoint others to consider my partner's position first. Balance loyalty to family, parents, children with commitment and loyalty to one another. This is the primary relationship. For second marriages, if your kids need to come first, don't remarry or co-habitate until they don't need to be #1. If parents or extended family are number one, you are not ready to marry. If an ex spouse or deceased spouse is #1, not ready to remarry.


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